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Clean Surface Chems

Klene N Gloss

Joseph Cunningham



Product Details

  • Useful on a variety of Countertops: Corian, Silverstone, Formica, Laminate, Sealed Woods, Stainless Steel, Stained Woods, Desk Tops, Glass and Electronic Screens
  • Provides a clear protection that resists finger prints and airborne dust
  • No hazardous ingredients or odors
  • Exceptional cleaning and finished results
  • Economical, for daily use

Restaurant Environments

  • Cleans and removes most stains and dirt found on various surfaces.
  • Provides a thin barrier which aids in reducing contaminants from permanently engraining into the surface
  • Can be applied on multiple surfaces such as wood, vinyl, plastics, painted surfaces, stainless steel, chrome, veneer, ceramic, and a multitude of others.
  • Aids in resisting finger prints, dust and dirt from permanently depositing.


  • Spray on surface and wipe on/wipe off using 1-2 microfiber towels.
  • Wipe until surface is clean and all excess product has been removed to a polish.
  • Use regularly to reapply protection and reduce frequent deep cleaning.
  • Use on glass and mirrors to clean and repel finger prints.