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Clean Surface Chems

Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish

Joseph Cunningham


Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish is a deep cleaner and rejuvenator to bring back or maintain the high–end look of your metal surfaces (stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass, aluminum and nickel). Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish is easy to apply, it cleans in seconds leaving behind a nice smooth polished surface.


Product Details

  • Digs deep to get under and lift out old oxidized stains, leaves the surface with a high end polish
  • Rejuvenate metal surfaces
  • Removes oxidation & dulled tarnishes from metals, to like new condition
  • Conditions the metals to help resist further tarnishing
  • For restaurants, breweries, manufacturing plants, metal fabrication & more
  • Used by hand or for very large areas, use a buffer
  • It does the hard work for you

Product Applications:

  • For any surface to be cleaned and polished squirt a small amount of Multi Metal Cleaner & Polish onto a towel and begin wiping the surface back and forth or in a circle, until you see it come clean.
  • Once it is clean, buff lightly using the dry clean side of the towel.
  • For large surfaces (Industrial) with serious oxidation and tarnishes use a buffer.