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Clean Surface Chems

Power Clean 5

Joseph Cunningham


Product Features

  • Floors: Concrete, Tile, Laminate, Wood, and many other surfaces
  • Kitchen Equipment: Fryers, Stovetop, Grill Top, Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Heavy Machinery: Metals, Plastic, Rubber

Product Applications – Exterior:

  • Use to clean vinyl, block, brick, stucco and various wall types
  • Removes creeping crud growth found on structures located near the coast
  • Removes mold and grass stains from various surfaces

Product Applications – Restaurant:

  • Removes cooking fat and gunk build up on cooking vents
  • Quickly aids in emulsifying and removing grease, dirt, and other contaminants around commercial kitchen equipment

Product Applications – Flooring:

  • Effective for thoroughly cleaning a variety of home, commercial and industrial floors
  • Useful for removing tough contaminants found on indoor and outdoor flooring environments

Recommendations For Use:
Although Power Clean 5 is an ready to use product, it can be diluted with water, we suggest spraying affected areas full strength. Once a desired cleaning effectiveness is achieved, Power Clean 5 can now be diluted with water at 25% increments until satisfied. Once Power Clean 5 is applied on the affected area, allow sufficient time for emulsification and loosening of the contaminants before wiping, mopping or scrubbing.