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Interior and Cleaning Products


Joseph Cunningham


Fast acting hand cleaner

CroftgateUSA’s Croftscrub is a fast acting, gritty hand cleaner formulated to effectively remove ink, grease, oil, grime, dirt and any other contaminants away from hands. Croftscrub is created for deep hand cleaning while still providing natural conditioners. Croftscrub also provides a special blend of key ingredients that will emulsify, scrub and extract contaminants from hands without the need for petroleum or harsh solvents. - Test


  • Extra deep hand cleaning 
  • Refined scrubbers 
  • Leaves hands conditioned 
  • Non-Solvent – Zero Petroleum 
  • No cracking or drying of hands 
  • Fresh scent 

Recommendation For Use: 

Apply a pinch of Croftscrub directly to dirty hands and begin scrubbing and allowing refined scrubbers and emulsifiers to effectively extract contaminants from hands. Once satisfied with the few minutes of scrubbing your hands, rinse with water to realize clean, fresh hands. 

Note: Croftscrub does not require the use of large amounts to realize exceptional results. 

No Petroleum Solvents - No Listed Hazardous Materials - No VOCs’